DILMER Language School which is related to the Turkish Ministry of National Education is located at Taksim – the heart of Istanbul regarding culture, economics and entertainment. Our staff contains of well-experienced, educated and dynamic young teachers who are working according to the highest international teaching methods and taking their time for each student individually.
We put great attention on our students and that the courses at DILMER are given on the highest professional level. Student who have graduated from all Turkish courses starting with Basics, Medium and High until Advanced level have afterwards the opportunity to receive an official Graduation Certificate from Turkish Ministry of National Education.
You can take your Turkish Lessons at DILMER Language School or at every location you like in private lessons. The classrooms at DILMER have air condition.
DILMER is organizing the classes according to the wishes of the students. The course are given either as intensive courses or as standard courses. Both types of courses are being given all around the year. The intensive courses are scheduled monthly with 20 hours per week. Starting from the first course and going on until the highest level takes 7 months in total. The intensive courses are given only on weekdays in the morning and the afternoon. Standard courses however are given in the morning, afternoon, evening and on the weekend. The standard courses in the morning and the afternoon are taking 12 weeks in total. The evening courses are given on weekdays either 3 days with a total of 9 hours per week or 5 days with a total of 10 hours a week. Our weekend courses are taking 6 hours per week.
The course schedule of DILMER Language school is always given one year in advance on is published on the official homepage and the brochures. You can make your reservation for a course by contacting our Students Relations Staff. If students are applying from a foreign country, they will receive a ‘Registration and Acceptance Letter’ in response to the course fee deposit. Students who have received the acceptance for one of our classes can apply with this document at the embassy or the responsible consulate for a visa. After receiving the visa, our students can also apply for a Turkish Resident Permit with help of our DILMER student certificate.